BESSEN Conveying Systems

BESSEN conveying systems are complete solutions to feed, transfer, index, layout, accumulate and chill or freeze your product.

Bessen modular plastic conveying systems provide high readability, easy operation, and low maintenance costs. Bessen provides complete utilization solutions to our customers for a variety of different manufacturing needs. Bessen conveying systems are capable of working in a wider range of temperatures and conditions – from transferring product dewing stations to indexing of the product onto a conveyor, pan or into packaging – to spiral blast chilling-freezing applications.


Bessen manufactures conveyors for different applications, products and enticements. Our incline conveyors can be configured with different angles of incline from completely vertical inclines to low angles. Our high-tension direct driving system spiral conveyors can be designed for multiple products and environments. For more information, contact us about your project.   

BESSEN Incline Conveyors

BESSEN Incline Conveyors


Bessen incline conveying systems are designed to deliver a product from the hopper feeding system to the packaging line. The system can be configured in many different ways and on a multitude of different angels to optimize the customer’s production operation. Our incline conveyors can be stand-alone models or integrated into the platform for more stable operation. Bessen incline conveyors integrates into our packaging line and works together with a combination or linear weighers and  packaging equipment to optimize productivity. They can be equipped with a self-washing system using low pressure or high-pressure options. The self-washing system will the wash inside and outside of the conveyor at the end of the production run. A control system is integrated into the packaging line and can be controlled form a single HMI screen.

Let us know what production challenges you are facing and we will help you solve them.

BESSEN Take-Away Conveyors

BESSEN Take-Away Conveyors


Bessen modular plastic take-away conveying systems are company used in packaging applications to take away the packaged goods from the packaging machine to the next station. Take-away conveyors are usually delivering packaged products to an accumulating table, metal detectors, x-ray machines, check weighing stations or other applicable stations.

All our take-away conveyors have stainless steel frames and are custom-built according to the costumer’s size requirements and specifications.

Contact us with your project and we will provide you with an individualized solution that will fit your application and needs.   

BESSEN Spiral Chilling and Freezing Conveyors

BESSEN Spiral Chiller-Freezer Conveyor Systems


BESSEN Spiral conveying systems are industry-leading spiral systems which are used in many different applications.  

BESSEN manufactures different types of spiral conveying systems from entry level (that can work with smaller product loads in very constrained spaces) to larger industrial sizes that can prosses thousands of pounds per hour of product ranging from fresh to frozen.  We have different belting material from stainless-steel or modular plastic. We manufacture low-tension spiral belt systems, as well as, high-tension spiral types in which the spiral conveyers are engaged with a center drum and are being directly driven by the center drum as a giant sprocket.

BESSEN manufactures different configurations ranging from a single spiral system to the double spiral type and from single conveyor to multi-conveyor options when more them one conveyor is running on one center drum.   

We provide utilizable solutions for your spiral conveying, automation, chilling and freezing needs.

Contact us with your project and we will design solution that fits your needs and your budget

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