BESSEN Working Platforms

Bessen P1 & P2 series working platforms are complete solutions to link all the components into the packaging line. The platforms are a crucial link in the packaging line for comfort of use, stability of packaging, and sanitation.

The Bessen P1 & P2 working platform systems, designed to integrate with our V3-Series combination weigher and incline conveyor product feeding system, uphold our sanitary principles derived from the V3-series scale. Both P1 and P2 platforms are fully customizable in size, height, and stair position.

  • P1 Platforms: Constructed with full stainless-steel, these platforms are enhanced with a stainless-steel diamond plate, providing a durable and hygienic surface.
  • P2 Platforms: Equipped with optional washing systems, the P2 platforms offer ease of cleaning. The washing systems enable components from the combination weigher to be easily washed and sanitized at the end of a production day without the need to take them down the stairs.

Together, the P1 and P2 platforms offer flexible and efficient solutions, tailored to meet your production needs and maintain the highest sanitation standards.

BESSEN P2 Working Platforms

BESSEN P2 Working Platform


Bessen P2 working platforms are custom-designed for integration with V3-series combination weighers. Constructed entirely of stainless steel with a sanitary design, they ensure durability and hygiene. The platforms are equipped with specialized mounting points for future expansion and can be fitted with either a single or double-washing system. Additional features include a stainless-steel diamond plate and extra anti-slip sections for improved grip. P2 platforms are fully welded to eliminate water dripping underneath and include 4 strategically placed drain points to manage any spills. The design also integrates mounting points for Bessen incline conveyors, which are directly attached to the platform’s structural frame, enhancing the stability of the entire packaging system.

BESSEN P1 Working Platform

BESSEN P1 Series Working platform


The P1 series platform, tailored for our V3-series combination scale, offers a dedicated weigher placement to minimize misalignment and prevent food residue accumulation beneath the weigher. Crafted with a clean and sanitary design, our fully stainless welded floor platforms stand out against the competition. Functioning as a vital link in the packaging line, the P1 working platform connects all components to the main packaging system. Fully customizable to meet customer needs, it includes 4 drain points for easy water removal after cleaning, enhancing the sanitation process.

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