Manufacturers of automated pakaging equipment including conveying, weighing, filling, bagging, wrapping, metal detecting, complete food processing system and packaging.
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We provide custom solutions for the food packaging industries. We manufacture many different types of packaging machines. We provide complete service in automation and integration of processing, packaging and transferring lines. Contact us with your processing, transferring, automation and packaging needs.   

Smart fill

Our smart fill linear filling lines are fully automated and are capable of working with different type of products. We have different types of filling and capping solutions for different types of bottles. We provide high speed capping solutions on our smart fill linear filling line.

Sart Wrap Serius

Our Smart Wrap Series horizontal flow wrappers come in 4 different sizes: 250, 350, 450 & 600 with many different functions depending on the product and film being packaged.

Smart Wrap DS

Smart Wrap DS Series flow wrapper also come in 4 different sizes and are equipped with a 2 to 3 Servo motors for high accuracy, stability and performance. The DS series model have many options available for expansion.

Combination Scale

Our Smart Weigh series combination scales have many different models specifically optimized for the product. We have models for long products, as well as, for row meat packaging.

Tray Sealing Equipment 

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Tray seaming Machines

Our Tray sealing line has a modified atmosphere gas flush (MAP) with the capability of mixing up to 4 different gases in the machine. This mixture can be changed for different products. The machines can be equipped from 1 to 4 gas feeds. Additionally, the gas mixing can be accomplished in the mixing valve, providing our customers with more flexibility and versatility.  

Pre-Manufactured Bag Packing

We have a large selection of the pre-manufactured bag packaging equipment ranging from mini-baggers and linear servo drive machines to our bigger line machines. Contact our sales representative to find out more about the right packaging solution for your product.

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